How digital shapes our lives

About Numa

Numa features a series of reports that showcase digital experiences created in Quebec and provide visibility for digital creators.

The digital revolution has taken over all sectors of society and continues its unstoppable march around the world.

In 2014 in Quebec, this revolution was apparent in changes to consumption patterns for culture products: 1 out of every 2 adults purchased products online; more than 50% watched videos on the web; 32% streamed music online; nearly 40% played online games (including all game platforms); and 16% downloaded e-books.

Beyond its effect on culture consumption, the digital production industry is a powerful economic engine. In Quebec, it exceeds a billion dollars in revenue and has created more than 13,000 direct jobs.

Regroupement des producteurs multimédia (RPM), whose mission is to represent Quebec’s multimedia producers, considers digital progress as an outstanding source of economic, cultural, social, and personal opportunity expressed through innovative projects that are useful to the community.

In 2010, RPM created the annual Numix Prize contest, to reward the best digital productions in Quebec.
Numix and Numa have a shared objective: provide a showcase for our digital culture practitioners whose boldness and creativity enable them to make brilliant contributions to the international digital ecosystem.

What do the digital productions featured on Numa have in common?
Of course, they’re designed and developed in Quebec. More important, though, is that they change the way we relate to the world.

They show new ways of doing things, new ways of travelling, working, listening to music, conducting transactions, interacting with others, acquiring knowledge, managing one’s health, and more.

They fall into five categories – Arts, Games, Media, Business, and Webseries – thereby largely reflecting all sectors of the digital industry.

Behind the scenes

But who is actively working behind the scenes on these innovative web sites, ingenious mobile applications, virtual reality films, augmented reality games, immersive screenings, and interactive itineraries? Producers, directors, information technology specialists, scriptwriters, video artists, interface and user-experience designers, web copywriters, analysts, and strategists – all of whom love digital technology and want to create memorable experiences.

Quebec’s digital industry is full of brilliant, creative, driven, and friendly people – which is something you’d know only if you we’re part of this industry. And that is why Numa was created: to promote these talented folks and their achievements.

Thanks to Numa, the Quebec digital industry is no longer a closely guarded secret.

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