Virtual coach helps kids stay in school

A mobile app connects parents and kids facing trouble at school.


Parents often feel helpless when they see their teenaged kids turning into potential dropouts. Studies show that youths who receive support and encouragement are less likely to drop out of school. But parents don’t always know how to provide this support and encouragement. That’s where the Adogotchi application comes to their rescue!

adogotchi_elleChildren who receive encouragement from their parents are less at risk of leaving school early, because their self-esteem is higher. But how do you encourage your kids on a daily basis? The organizers of “Journées de la persévérance scolaire” (Hooked on School Days) called on the lg2 agency and its creative team who have created ad campaigns for La Cage and Natrel.

And that is how the Adogotchi application came to be. This fun app draws its inspiration from the Tamagotchis, the virtual pets that were very popular in the mid-1990s.


“We wanted to create a genuine conversation, something pleasant and intelligent, to show parents a typical day in their child’s life,” states Jennifer Varvaresso, creative director for interactive services, at lg2.

Jennifer Varvaresso
Whenever she embarks on an interactive campaign, Jennifer Varvaresso always focuses on the target audience. In support of her creative efforts, she has to find out what problems her client faces and how to overcome them.

Studies have shown that graduates who adopt healthy lifestyle habits have a greater life expectancy than non-graduates, are more satisfied with life, and are less prone to depression, among other conditions. A great deal of research has shown that parental involvement has a positive impact on kids’ success at school as long as parents are involved through their kids’ education.

“Adogotchi allows parents to determine if their preteen-aged or teen-aged kids are experiencing difficulties at school or having trouble fitting in. The application provides parents with advice to help them understand the situation and act,” adds Jennifer Varvaresso. “It raises awareness about the importance of communication and dialogue.”

At first, parents choose a character in the application, either Léa or Xavier, who then embodies the Adogotchi. Léa and Xavier personify a youngster who’s experiencing a difficult situation at school. To help the Adogotchi maintain a good energy level, parents must provide affection, consult other parents and share ideas with them on how to encourage their kids or test their knowledge on helping kids stay in school.

Parents are notified if the Adogotchi is going through a difficult period, for example, a failed exam, heartache or problem related to using. They interact with it, receive notification, and can consult and share on ways to support their child at home, test their knowledge through a questionnaire on how to help kids stay at school, and access an online forum to communicate with other parents.

The application acts as a virtual coach for parents to help them be proactive with their kids in real life.

Children who receive encouragement from their parents are less at risk of leaving school early, because their self-esteem is higher.



Client: Journée de la persévérance scolaire

Production Company: lg2, lg2fabrique

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Marc Fortin  // VP Création

Art Director

Jennifer Varvaresso


Marilou Aubin; Jennifer Varvaresso


Marilou Aubin; Marie-Ève Leclerc-Dion