Foresta Lumina

Magical walk in the woods

In Coaticook, a 2.5-km multimedia trail leads to a land of legends.

Once upon a time… this is the story of that enchanted place: Parc de la Gorge in Coaticook. A forest filled with admiring visitors in the day but empty and lonely by nightfall. To break this curse, the Parc called on Moment Factory, a dedicated team of enthusiasts whose mission is to bring places and sites magically to life. Thanks to visual and sound effects, the woods were transformed into Foresta Lumina, a magical place where legends come to life and interact with us.

The trail, which you can complete in 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on your pace, features seven locations. In the Garden of Wishes, visitors can read a huge manuscript that tells them about the mysterious creatures that inhabit the woods. Fairies, spirits, strange creatures, and even the devil seem to inhabit these woods at night. There’s more magic in store for visitors as they’re invited to pick up an enchanted stone and make a wish. As they continue on their way deeper into the forest, they enter the Fairies’ Path where they are greeted by its dwellers, flitting and darting in all directions.

By crossing a mysterious portal – North America’s longest suspended footbridge – visitors cross from the real world to an imaginary realm.

FORESTA-LUMINA-23From this point onward, plenty of adventures and encounters await. You’ll follow Margaret, cross paths with the devil, approach the tree that comes back to life, face the cannibal creature, and weather a storm to arrive, finally, to the Enchanted Shore. Here, on the shores of the river, visitors throw their stone into the water to see their wish come true.

“We absolutely loved working in a nature setting,” says Marie Belzil, a multimedia director on the project. “Bringing out the magical potential of a place with a light touch and well-concealed technology and providing people with fantastic and magical experiences together in nature getaways – these are the kinds of projects we want to do more of.”

“We spoke to the residents of Coaticook to learn more about their legends. The Abenaki, who lived in the region a long time ago, spoke of a creature that transformed itself into a giant cannibal. That immediately caught our attention, and we made this creature one of our characters. We still his mask at the office. We loved. He’s become a sort of buddy,” adds Marie Belzil.

Marie Belzil, réalisatrice multimédia sur Foresta Lumina (Moment Factory)
Marie Belzil, a multimedia director on the project for Moment Factory.


Since its inception, Foresta Lumina has exceeded all expectations. In 2015, 140,000 people experienced this magical trail. Foresta Lumina will open again in summer 2016 and continue to wow visitors.

Here the line between technology and imagination vanishes, unveiling an animated and magical forest.


Foresta Lumina
Foresta Lumina

Foresta Lumina, 2014

Client: Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Production Company: Moment Factory

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Patricia Ruel

Lighting designer

Marie-Eve Pageau


Vincent Letellier

Technical Director

Dany Beaudoin