Studyo (Intuitic)

The school agenda, enhanced

Startup Intuitic helps students acquire a crucial skill: how to manage their time.


Once upon a time, teachers used a single channel to assign tasks to their students: the blackboard. They simply recopied their agenda onto the blackboard to let their students know what to do. Today, in an effort to provide a range of educational experiences, teachers use a multitude of digital tools. And often, it’s up to the students to make sense of these diverse approaches.

That’s where Intuitic comes in. Intuitic is a startup launched by Renaud Boisjoly, CEO, and Pascal Bourque, Director, Technology. Together, they created Studyo, an electronic agenda application designed for the educational sector. Studyo allows teachers and students to stay in contact and to centralize the information the latter need in order to stay organized. In a way, it’s a digital dashboard designed for schoolkids.

“The idea came to me when I left Apple,” says Renaud Boisjoly, who spent 19 years in the company’s education department. “At the time, I was helping schools implement technology programs and I saw that students had trouble making sense of all the tools made available to them.”

Today, Intuitic is increasingly well-positioned on the Canadian market and is starting to explore other markets, including the United States. Its objective is nothing less than to export its software application to markets around the world. “The educational sector has stringent requirements,” states Renaud Boisjoly. “Teachers and administrators want to provide their students with high-quality solutions. But once they’ve found something that works, they feel free to talk about it, allowing word-of-mouth to do its work. Entering a new market is a real challenge!”


That is why both entrepreneurs are focusing on optimizing communications with teachers, parents, and students to make sure they’re responding to their needs. “Renaud spends a lot of time in schools speaking with the staff,” confides Pascal Bourque. “That enables us to enhance our product offerings continually. Often, the best ideas come from our customers.”

Renaud Boisjoly dans son bureau du Vieux-Longueuil


“For example, it was a student who told us that being able to take a photo of a blackboard or sheet of paper would be a useful feature,” adds Renaud Boisjoly. “We thought that was a great idea and, today, Studyo can capture images that are automatically integrated within its task lists.”

In addition to making their lives easier, Studyo allows youths to learn a key skill when navigating the rough waters of information overload: how to manage their time. “It isn’t true that it’s easier for kids in this digital age to organize themselves. What with all the tools made available to them, they have to avoid distractions and make the right decisions. Managing your schedule is a skill you acquire: it has to be learned. And it’s useful your whole life!”




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