Le Massif, like being there provides a personalized interactive experience.

Here users can create their own adventure, including epicurean delights from Hôtel Le Germain and thrills on the mountain’s snowy peaks. What’s the best way to prepare for your trip to Charlevoix’s majestic ski resort? By consulting an ingenious and continuously updated dashboard on the web.


In Charlevoix, only one resort serves ski, snowboard and luge fans, and that’s Le Massif de Charlevoix with a 770-metre vertical and 52 trails. People who live in the area and residents of Quebec City come here to practise their favourite winter sport.

To enhance the destination’s visibility, Groupe Le Massif asked Sigmund, an agency in Quebec City, to overhaul its web site.



The revamped provides a personalized interactive experience where can create their own adventure, including epicurean delights from Hôtel Le Germain and thrills on the mountain’s snowy peaks. Since its launch, the site provides real-time information on snow conditions to attract fans.

To gain a better understanding of what ski, snowboarding, and luge fans look for, the team at Sigmund carried out two kinds of research.

First, they went to the slopes to talk to people and ask why they chose Le Massif rather than, for example, Mont-Sainte-Anne, which is closer to Quebec City.

Second, the agency used a more traditional approach by conducting an online survey with open-ended questions and, later, interviews for more detailed information. The goal was to help the owners of Le Massif better understand their clients’ needs in an effort to serve them more effectively.

“First of all, people choose Le Massif for the quality of the snow. This is the main decision-making factor,” explains Martin Pilote, partner and head of consulting services and operations at Sigmund.

As soon as you open Le Massif’s web site, a small square at the top of the page indicates the number of open lifts and open trails and the amount of fresh snow. Users can consult a dashboard that provides more information, including current and future snow accumulations, surface conditions, a list of open lifts, the ticket counter, and views from the summit and base webcams.

Tableau de bord, accessible à partir de
Dashboard /


Thanks to a cookie, users can store this specific page of the site for all the information they need without having to go through the homepage. The newsletter was completely redesigned and, in conjunction with Environment Canada, notifications are sent to subscribers in the event of potential snow storms. And once the storm has passed, a new message is sent to let clients know.

You can now purchase your tickets online: print them at home or buy them on your smart phone when you arrive at Le Massif. Online ticket purchasers have access to a reserved line – no more waiting!


Le Massif de Charlevoix, 2014

Client: Le Massif de Charlevoix

Production Company: Sigmund

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Thierry Poitras

Project Manager

Martin Pilote; Gabriel Gakwaya

Art Director

Jonathan Richard


Lucille Janin; Daniel Lafrenière


Rémy Savard; Damien Van Der Windt


Antoine Mainguy